Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coffee as a litmus test

As you may or may not know, I love coffee.  Drinking a cup of well made coffee is a truly wonderful experience.  Therefore, I find myself evaluating dining establishments based on just their coffee sometimes.  This is probably not a good method (or a method at all).  However for some reason, it just seems compelling to me that if a place has good coffee then other things must be good as well.  I wanted to share a recent experience where Andrea and I met her sisters and niece in a NY restaurant for brunch.  The coffee came in a large stainless steel French press.  It was dark, frothy, and truly amazing to taste.  I had to pause for an Agent Cooper moment it was so good (see video below).  Needless to say, their food was quite excellent too.  I know it's easy to find examples of places with bad coffee but amazing food and visa versa, but grant me this bit of inductive reasoning for just one post.  Did you ever have something that was so good you became Agent Cooper as well?

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