Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Debt ceiling...

Andrea and I watched MSNBC last night for the election coverage mostly and I wanted to share a few funny observations we had:

First, Lawrence O'Donnell pummeled every single guest on the show about the debt ceiling and would they vote to raise it. If not, he assured them that society would cease to function and Armageddon would ensue. At first it was annoying. Then eventuallyI would have personally voted to raise the ceiling just to shut him up. I started to wish that the debt ceiling was a glass debt ceiling and could easily be cracked if necessary to pacify Lawrence. Admittedly, I know nothing about this issue. But it seemed kind of lame he was basically going pro life/choice with everyone on it. I will have to do more research to understand this issue.

Secondly, a moment of irony was pointed out by Olbermann when they interviewed Michele Bachmann and Eric Cantor. Each republican was very happy about the results of the election and was delivering their standard message of "The American people are tired of not being listening to.... etc" In fact so much so, that wouldn't answer any of the anchor's questions. THEY were not listening. It was pretty funny actually.

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