Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Term (for me)

Prepone - To schedule to a time before the original's.

I just learned about this yesterday from one of my colleagues who works with our India team. It does make sense though. If I can postpone something, I should definitely be able to prepone it as well. Here are some other possibilities:

Repone - to reschedule a meeting

Unpone - to cancel a meeting

Nonpone - to fail to schedule a meeting

Corn pone - a delicious piece of cornbread

Pre-pwn - The act of planting a trap in a video game for an oncoming enemy that will most certainly ensure their complete annihilation :)


  1. freepone - to let a meeting take place as the breeze carries it...

  2. laypone-a delayed meeting

    bulpone- bullshit meeting

    winpone- all attendees come prepared to whine,
    not to be confused with a winefest

    fupone- food meeting on a futon