Sunday, November 1, 2009

Talent Show Video

I participated in a talent show last Friday night at work. There was quite a wide variety of acts including: Full rock bands, modern dance, opera, vocal, and instrumental. It was a very positive experience for me even though I did not win. Specifically, I was able to remain in a more "giving" state of mind (as opposed to being critical and nervous while performing). It was really fun actually! I would like to thank everyone for coming and being incredibly supportive! Below is the video of my performance:


  1. Pete, you played so well. I am so proud of you :)

    Out of 9 acts, he was chosen to be in the final 4. And of the final 4, he was the ONLY solo act, which I thought was a huge compliment to him. Although the contest was based on audience votes, from my perspective as a trained musician, he gave the best and most musical performance by far.

    Let's just say there were several non-dry eyes in the audience during the first

  2. aww, big brother!
    this was awesome...

    you always get first place in my book...and in my memory :)

  3. It's not metal but that was pretty awesome!! Wish I could have been there.